UDL and the “Hidden Curriculum”

In the 1992 film “A Few Good Men,” prosecutor Capt. Jack Ross (Kevin Bacon) questions Cpl. Barnes (Noah Wyle) about the term “Code Red”.  The term cannot be found in the “Marine Outline for Recruit Training” or the Standard Operating Procedure Manual for Rifle Security Company, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Captain Ross suggests that if the… Continue reading UDL and the “Hidden Curriculum”

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Ten Important Things Amelia Needs You to Know

Ohio’s State Professional Development Grant (SPDG) provides resources for select districts to participate in important work around changing outcomes and improving achievement for diverse learners. I was honored to be asked to speak at a state-level meeting of SPDG district representatives at the Battelle for Kids “Connect for Success” conference. My presentation was titled “Ten… Continue reading Ten Important Things Amelia Needs You to Know

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Teaching Left-handed Kids

Some students in today’s educational system are left-handed.  These students have unique educational needs compared to their typical peers.  Common academic activities such as handwriting, drawing, and using scissors require varying levels of modification to accommodate the needs of individuals who are left-handed. Even playtime activities like baseball or golf require alternative or modified equipment… Continue reading Teaching Left-handed Kids

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TEDxWorthington Recordings

If you missed TEDxWorthington, the Livestream recordings provided by WOSU are still available.  The event was broken down into three sessions. Session 1: Steve Kucinski, Tom Burton, Cheyenne Buckingham Session 2: Chris Hasebrook, Anna Farrell, Eric Gnezda Session 3: Michael Roush, Trent Bowers, Cindy Meyers Foley Visit the event archive on Livestream to access these videos. (Note: no captioning is currently available… Continue reading TEDxWorthington Recordings