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Bad Golf for a Good Cause

On Monday, May 5, 2014, I will be playing some bad golf, for a great cause!

Some great people will be at Snow Hill Country Club for the 22nd Annual SATH Celebrity Golf Classic.

Proceeds from the tournament, and the Sports Memorabilia Auction to follow, will benefit KAMP Dovetail, a summer camp opportunity near Hillsboro, Ohio, for kids with special needs.

Cincinnati sports figures like George Wilson, Jeff Hill, and David Fulcher are mainstays at this event.  I’ve had the good fortune in past years to have each of them in my group, and they make a round of golf as much fun as my bad golf game can be!

Rumor has it that another Cincinnati sports hero from my youth will be there this year.  Ron Oester.  I have two of his baseball cards, from the last couple years he was in the big leagues.  I’m planning to take them to the auction.  Perhaps he’ll sign them and we can see how much they bring for the cause!

With any luck, I’ll have some pictures and stories on Monday.

Meanwhile, here is the program for the event.  I helped put it together, so I’m kinda proud of it.