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The following article was originally published by Daniel Mares at https://www.mrmares.com/stream-why-not-streammssflpe/.  It is re-published here with his permission.

Full disclosure. I am a former social studies teacher. I have also taught math and engineering. I dabble in computer science with my students as well.

Textbook with highlighter and glassesI recently was invited to a webinar that was focused on STREAM education. Many are familiar with STEM and STEAM. But STREAM was new to me. The second part of the title of the webinar was “R for reading.” Reading. We have to add reading to acronyms for education. When did reading leave the classroom? Did we start to focus so much on science, technology, engineering, and math that reading was left out of our schools!

I understand the initiative to bring more focus to the science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum. Especially when we are forecasting jobs of the future to be reliant on those skills, along with problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication. Reading should be baked into everything that we are doing in our classroom and our schools. It is fundamental to achieving everything else in our classrooms.

Math Equations on Chalk BoardIf we are going to add reading to our STEM or STEAM initiatives, then why not add music, social studies, foreign language, physical education, and everything else that we teach in our schools? STEAMMSSFLPE. Even with a focus on stem education, reading should not have gone away from our classrooms.

I understand with the A in STEAM, but if we continue to add letters to STEM it will lose its purpose. If we are to really begin to focus on bringing awareness to our STEM skills, we need to ensure that we keep it simple with acronyms. STEM is fine the way it is. STEM does not say, “do away with all other subjects.” STEM is just a focus. We can’t lose sight of the other subjects as we want to have well-rounded students that really can read, write, communicate, create, think critically, and collaborate to be successful in the economy we believe is coming.

Daniel Mares is an Instructional Technology Coach in Coloma, Michigan.   He blogs at http://www.mrmares.com He is on the short list of “people I have never met face to face but would love to sometime.”

INFOhio Webinar – Support Struggling Readers, Grades 6-12

Learn With INFOhio! Support Struggling Readers in 6-12 with Free Tools!Tom Kitchen [ website | twitter ] and I had the great honor of being asked to conduct a webinar for INFOhio on strategies and tech tools to support struggling readers in grades 6 through 12.

INFOhio provides an archive of the webinar you can view.  Once you view the webinar, you can answer five questions to receive a certificate of completion.

A list of additional resources and links that were mentioned during the webinar is also available.

The structure and strategy recommendations were taken from a “Doing What Works” collection called “Adolescent Literacy”.  That resource is no longer available online, but you can currently get the resources on CD.  These are available for free, while supplies last, from WestEd.  There are six 2-hour modules, and they can be used by individuals or groups to help plan strategies for improving adolescent literacy at your school.

This was my second time presenting in a webinar for INFOhio!  The first was in April of 2013, as part of a “Web 2.0 Smackdown”.  Five presenters each briefly demonstrated a great online tool, and you can still view that webinar as well!  I demonstrated Popplet, which I also briefly mentioned in the Support Struggling Readers webinar.