Intro to AT for Paraprofessionals

Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of presenting to a small group of individuals who serve as paraprofessionals in my region.  They are part of a grant program between the University of Dayton and Southern State Community College.  As part of their participation in this federal grant program, the paraprofessionals receive paid tuition toward achieving an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

I was invited to speak to this group to give them a quick introduction to the field of Assistive Technology.  Because the participants are already working in schools, they brought a good range of field experience with various assistive technologies with them.

My slides are available at

Key points that were made:

  1. Presumed Competence.  Effective implementation of assistive technology begins with a belief that the student is capable of achieving typical academic goals.
  2. Universal Design.  Even the best technology cannot make up for deficits in poorly designed curriculum materials.
  3. Cost and Implementation.  Assistive Technology does not have to be expensive, but it must be used frequently and well-supported to be effective.

Also, they loved Plickers!

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