Web Accessibility and Online/Blended Learning Environments

The emerging field of online/blended learning environments holds great promise for students with a wide variety of challenges.  However, the mere fact of a course being all or partly online does not automatically give many students more of a chance of being successful.

In short, the field needs much more attention to furrowing and fertilizing than has yet been afforded it.  Students who would have done exemplary work in a traditional classroom setting doing exemplary work in an online/blended setting is no evidence that the online/blended setting holds any special value at all.

Tonight, I have the opportunity to speak with an online class about Universal Design for Learning from the particular perspective of providing flexible, engaging learning environments and experiences in the online/blended learning model.

If I were the sort who could crank out a few thousand words a week, this could be my next book.

I have a google doc of the resources that I am using.  It will continually evolve.  You are welcome to look, use, and comment.


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