Three Big Fat Lies Tech Coordinators Tell

I had the opportunity at the Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC) to participate in a main-stage event called “FREd Talks”.  “FREd” stands for “Finding Real Education”, and it consists of a series of five-minute “Ignite”-style talks.  Each speaker develops a set of 20 slides (plus an intro slide), and the slides automatically advance every 15 seconds.

My FREd Talk was titled “Three Big Fat Lies Tech Coordinators Tell”, and it explains why there is one consideration that trumps “easier,” “faster,” and “more efficient” when we’re talking about implementing technology in education to support access and achievement for all students.

Big thanks to Toby Fischer for organizing the event, and arranging for video recording!

I promised myself I wouldn’t post it until I had an accurate caption file completed, and that is now done.  Enjoy!

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