TEDx Worthington on YouTube!

All nine of the TEDx Worthington talks are now available via the TEDx YouTube channel.

Here they are, in the original order of presentation:

  1. Steve Kucinski – “Resolve to Enjoy the Goodness and Beauty in Each Other and in Life”
  2. Tom Burton – “Finding Resolution: Questioning the Answers”
  3. Cheyenne Buckingham – “Why school lunches need to be resolved”
  4. Chris Hasebrook – “A Different Public School Model”
  5. Eric Genezda – “Prep Period”
  6. Anna Farrell – “Success? How our competitive culture affects our students”
  7. Michael Roush – “Five Rules of Design Thinking to Reach All Students”
  8. Trent Bowers – “Why Kids Need Co-curricular Activities”
  9. Cindy Foley – “The Benefits of Boredom”

This was an incredible experience for me.  From the discussions during and after the event, I feel comfortable in saying it was a similarly incredible experience for the other speakers as well.

Some day, I believe one of these will be TED’s featured “Talk of the Day”, and I can think of reasons why any of them might be featured one day on NPR’s “TED Radio Hour”.

And when it happens, every one of us who were part of TEDxWorthington will smile and cheer!

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