Finding Meaningful Work For Young Adults With Autism

On Tuesday,   May 8, 2018, I was making the 90 minute drive from Felicity, OH, to the Dayton Metro Public Library.  I was on my way to an audition for this year’s TEDxDayton event, coming in October.  (I’ll let you know if I made it or not.)

On my way, I was listening to “Here & Now” on WVXU, 91.7FM, from Cincinnati.  The show included this feature on finding meaningful work for young adults with Autism.  I found it very fitting, since my proposed TEDx talk is about lessons I have learned from my daughter, Amelia, who was diagnosed with Autism just before her 3rd birthday.

The archived audio version is below.  I remain very hopeful that by the time my daughter is ready to graduate high school that there will be more options for her to be a contributing member of the workforce than a sheltered workshop.  That possibility has more to do with the system understanding her strengths than her fitting into the system we have created.

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