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See You Soon, Wilmington College

Friday, May 13, 2016, will be my last day with the IT Department at Wilmington College.  I have had a wonderful experience here for the last nine months.  At a time when I needed a change, the opportunity to come to Wilmington College was so coincidental that it is hard to explain it away as pure happenstance.  Wilmington College is a special place, with a lot of special people working hard to make it that way.  They made me feel like part of the family from day one, and that’s the sort of experience that makes a deep impact on a person.

I’m sad that I’m leaving here.  There are so many nice people.  It’s a beautiful place to work.  The college atmosphere is alive with energy and drive.  Wilmington’s Quaker heritage emphasizes a set of core values that give that energy a focus and direction, much like the rudder on a ship.  In fact, I never would have considered leaving here if not for an offer of a job working as a Technology Integration Specialist.

There are two factors that cushion the blow.  First is that I will be doing something I love.  I will have the opportunity, every day, to work with educators on how to use available technology to help every student achieve more.  I used to say that is the sort of thing I would love to do all the time if the chance ever became available.  Now it has.  Second, I have spoken with the Education department at Wilmington College about coming back here for the Spring 2017 semester to teach two Technology in Special Education classes.  Teaching college classes was one of my favorite professional experiences ever, and I feel like I have so much more to bring to the table now than I did then.  I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to come back, and to remain part of the Wilmington College family.

So, it isn’t “good-bye,” DubC.  It’s “See you soon.”